I Stand All Amazed at Myself

Not long ago, I was sustained as a Mormon Gay Leader. This position has apostolic responsibilities because the Latin word apostolus is literally translated as “one who is sent out.” I have been sent out because I am Mormon, I am Gay and I am Leader. Hear me roar.

I don’t really have a resume of community activism. But I am an active Latter-day Saint. My leadership position isn’t technically¬†a leadership position with any authority. But public relations or administrative support can be leadership if you say it is. And I say it is. There are others out there in Onlinemormonland whose circumstances are pretty much the most amazing EVER, allowing them to convince the media and effusive Mormons alike that they are full-fledged Mormon Priesthood Leaders. There are naysayers, of course. But I ignore feedback. The promptings that come to my mind and heart are all I need. I’m pretty sure the others are the same way.

Who knows what the future will bring. All I know is that my DNA is swimming with leadership, sorta like Jedi Master Yoda’s midi-cholrian count. OFF. THE. CHARTS! Blessed, I am. Yes. Away put your criticisms, I mean you no harm.

To say I’m humbled would be prideful in its own way, so I make sure I keep my face in the public eye, and start as many sentences as possible with the words “I am.” The world needs to know that I have been called and that this calling is perhaps the most transformative moment ever experienced within a self-reverberant hall. Notwithstanding the aforementioned and hereafter elucidated vicissitudes of eternal consequence, I am simply an extraordinary man, blessed to have been placed in ordinary circumstances. On a daily basis, I am astounded at how blessed I am to bring so much to so many.