Prophets and Progressives

One of the most amazingly faith-promoting things about being a Mormon is witnessing how eternal truths are declared to the people of the world. Because I love public relations and good publicity, I get really excited about anything posted in the Newsroom section of the LDS church website. You can imagine my ecstasy when this new article showed up on my smartphone:

Mormon and Modern

We can be super nice and progressive, so long as we follow the prophets. Mormonism is a dope, chill religion that is both new and ancient. It can bridge any gap. It can reconcile all differences. It can seal all breaches. All you have to do is study the answers the prophets give, pray to get the appropriate answer, and never think about it again. Mormon thought encourages integration. An even better word might be assimilation.

Mormons welcome truth from whatever source and take the pragmatic view that where religion and science seem to clash, it is simply because there is conflicting data and a temporary barrier to reconciling the two. In other words, since all evidence is equal, the most reasonable thing to do is to draw a big circle around it and just follow the prophets.

President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has encouraged “a harmonious combining of both the intellect and the spirit.” President Packer has also warned us that “Some things that are true are not very useful,” and intellectuals are a threat (also, gay people and feminists). So, when working to achieve a harmonious combination, be sure to include only the useful stuff, which is outlined either by the prophets or given to us by the Spirit, which always agrees with the prophets.

The scriptures teach us that we “must study it out in [our] mind.”  From this the answers will come. This pattern of inquiry opens us to expanding spiritual possibilities by limiting our exposure to the corrosive influences of critical thinking, the rules of logic, and sources of information that do not support the doctrines and policies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Remember, the church and the world overlap. They can benefit from one another when approached with fair-mindedness, humility and wisdom. Just as in the cases of Prohibition, the Equal Rights Amendment, and Proposition 8. As we ponder on the current war against religious liberty, let us find safety in the trump card of prophetic leadership.