Taste the Rainbow

The ever-lovely One Million Moms group  is raising the alarm about THE DANGERS OF RAINBOW FOODS. (Has anyone asked for their member count? I hear the Member and Statistical Records Division of the Finance and Records Department of the LDS church is super-amazing at accurate numbers. Someone should get them on the case.)

Most everyone with an connection to the Interwebs has seen the fun Rainbow Oreo picture designed by the nice people at Nabisco and Kraft. In fact, they’re so nice someone should really send the missionaries to see them. They’d make fabulous Mormons.

This all got me to thinking how cool, awesome and special it would be to have Multitudes of Mormon Moms (including those in Mixed-Orientation Mormon Marriages) make marvelous mayhem by taking rainbow casseroles to the next ward activity in their area.

Also, I think someone really needs to point out to the One Million Moms people how many foods have a well-known gay liberal bias. Bon appetit!