Excommunication is the Mormon way to say “I Love You.”

One of the best, and still very common, ways for Mormon leaders to show their love toward gay people is excommunication. It’s important to show love for people, even if it’s tough love through abusive processes that strip away a person’s identity and belief system with the finesse of a high-pressure stream of turpentine. Only through stripping (not THAT kind of stripping; get your mind out of the gutter) can the human soul be prepared to receive the lacquer of eternal identity as found in the doctrinal truths of Mormonism. But even this inspired process of love is sometimes abused. Sometimes, a Mormon is excommunicated in the wrong way (especially when it involves THE GAY). And when that happens, the first thing to do is draw media attention to it and/or blog about it.

Now, you’re probably sitting there yelling the screen, “The FIRST thing you do is to tell a recently excommunicated person to rely on their close friends and find a good therapist with experience in helping people work through ecclesiastical abuse!” I know how you might think that. But good PR is the first step to healing. Trust me.

So, if you know of a recently excommunicated person, assure them that it was done out of love, and even if it wasn’t, they will be blessed for believing it was out of love, because church leaders don’t lead us astray. They lead us to the truth, even when they are wrong.


2 thoughts on “Excommunication is the Mormon way to say “I Love You.”

  1. Thank you for your comment, Jimbo (sexypantts@gmail.com). But I would indeed be remiss if I didn’t wonder out loud whether the prophet would approve of your email address and the message it sends. You might want to visit the following page on the church website explaining clothing standards. It has information for youth, and for adults who should be setting good examples for the youth.


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