Truth Is Reason, Truth Eternal

I don’t waste the powers I’ve been blessed with to build up institutions that are full of people who don’t or won’t understand gay people for who they are. No person should tell a gay person he or she is second-class, or broken, or diseased, or an abomination, or a flaw in the fabric of society, or a threat to human civilization. No other human, regardless of title, has the right to dictate the way you live your life or define the truth of who you are.

The only opinion about you that matters is your opinion of you. No other person’s opinion matters. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Well, God’s opinion matters, obviously. But he’s not a regular person, so it’s not really so much an exception as another part of the rule. It’s your opinion and God’s. That’s it. Period. Also, because the prophets and apostles of the LDS church (Mormon) were called of God by revelation and the laying on of hands (just on their head, not anywhere else, don’t worry), they are God’s spokesmen on earth. Therefore, as an extension of this other part of the rule, they aren’t really regular people either. As a result, their opinions matter pretty much the same as God’s. For sure, they matter more than your opinion, since they have divine authority over you.

So, just to recap: Only your opinion of you matters. And God’s. And especially the prophets and apostles, because they have ultimate authority to tell people what God’s opinions are. And God’s opinion is that gay people are just like everyone else—except without the same rights, or the same opportunities for fulfilling relationships, or a legitimate and correct understanding of human sexuality and emotional health.

It comes down to this: when people or groups have a problem with you being gay, don’t waste your time with them. Instead, do your duty as a good Mormon gay and stay in the church. If you aren’t Mormon, you should join. That’s because the Mormon Church is led by living prophets who declare the mind and will of God, which is that living in a gay relationship means living in defiance of The Plan. No one should ever, ever, EVER tell you that being gay is bad, AND we should unreservedly sustain the prophets and apostles who teach the eternal truth that two gay people living as a married couple, legally and lawfully wedded, will bring upon the people and the nations of the earth the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.