Sunday Schooling – Lesson 1

As we prepare to celebrate America’s birthday, let us pause to remember the importance of our Divine Constitution. While we feast on meaty barbecue, let us also feast on the words of the scriptures and the prophets who have taught about the sanctity of the correct interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. The most important pillar of that interpretation is that the freedom of churches to assert their influence over society is the most important freedom our free nation is compelled to guarantee under the Constitution.

We have been taught by the prophets living today that the most grievous threat to this correct interpretation of religious freedom is the gay rights movement. In particular, gay marriage will rock America like a hurricane and will poison our society. This puts our entire constitutional system in mortal—and moral—peril. It may be that the long-promised day is nigh at hand in which the Constitution will hang by a thread and the Elders of Israel will be the only ones to bear it up.

Although as a gay person I want to be sure my rights are valued and protected  as much as any other American, and I’m not sure that I personally accept the idea that there is a constitutional crisis. However, as a Mormon, I must put aside my personal thoughts and any individual desires or inherent guarantees of equal justice under law. The prophet has spoken. Gay marriage is wrong. The debate is over. It is up to us to make sure we are wearing the jerseys of the winning team. Let us put our shoulders to the wheel, and not shirk our duty to follow the prophet in opposing gay marriage as the most dangerous threat to our religious freedom, and therefore the Constitution itself.