I LOVE a Parade

Literally DOZENS of the approximately 6 million U.S. Mormons marched in several Gay Pride parades recently. More to come too! Yay!!! There were two major groups participating: Mormons for Marriage Equality and Mormons Building Bridges.

The first group fully supports marriage equality (risky). The second group voices their compassion toward gay people, but still righteously follows the prophet (blessed). Both groups are doing an awesome job running the ball down the field when it comes to LDS church public relations. Gotta use a sports analogy for the straight allies. Gooooaaal!

It’s a win-win, as we like to say in corporate circles. Individual Mormons get to look supportive and the church gets to look progressive by graciously allowing individual Mormons march in a big ol’ gay parade with signs that say “Mormon” and “Love” and “Gay” and “LGBT” (with no reference to Prop 8) without excommunicating them for desecrating the Family Proclamation. Actually, it’s a win-win-WIN, since it also causes a PTSD event for many LGBTQ folk who are survivors of Mormon ecclesiastical abuse and family rejection. F. T. W.